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The Smooth Jazz Cruise

Video: Feel the Electricity of a Marcus Miller Show Aboard The Smooth Jazz Cruise

Marcus Miller’s talents are so vast that he literally and figuratively wears dozens of hats aboard The Smooth Jazz Cruise. He’s an extraordinary host, collaborator, arranger, interviewer and interviewee, but his Main Stage concerts top the list of reasons why he’s at the heart of everything we do at The Smooth Jazz Cruise. It’s been way too long since Marcus has been on stage in [Read More] Read More

Videos: Boney James & Brian Culbertson Concerts on The Smooth Jazz Cruise

While Marcus Miller serves as the Player/Coach of our amazing team for The Smooth Jazz Cruise programs, Boney James and Brian Culbertson are the power hitters that run up the scores. In just that one sentence, we have basketball, baseball and music double entendres. Or, as my high school English teacher would say, a confusing set of mixed metaphors. Whichever way you look at it, [Read More] Read More

Smooth News: Besties Back To Sea, Cruise Essentials and More!

Smooth News: Besties Back To Sea, Cruise Essentials and More! What’s new for ’22: Cruise Essentials, Blu Bayou and More! CRUISE ESSENTIALS AND MORE: Your Keys to Saving Time & Money on Both Essential & Exciting Amenities At Sea! As cruise lines begin heading back to sea, new enticements and amenity packages are appearing daily. Our cruise line, Celebrity Cruises, is including a basic Internet and [Read More] Read More

Smooth News: Three Legends Return in 2022!

Smooth News: Three Legends Return in 2022! The Smooth Jazz Cruise heads Back to Sea in 2022 with George Benson, David Sanborn and The Crow’s Nest! A Legendary Return to Sea Awaits! The sailings of The Smooth Jazz Cruises in ’22 will feature the return of one of the legendary figures in the annals of this amazing cruise program. No, we are not talking about [Read More] Read More