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Our Ship

The search for the perfect “jazz” ship has consumed our energies for years. Holland America was a great fit when we launched our jazz cruises, but as our programs grew in magnitude with more musicians and more shows, the venues on the “Dam” ships were too few and too small. So, in 2017, we moved our jazz programs to Celebrity Cruises. Their Millennium Class ships, featuring the Summit and Infinity, offered an amazing main theater, a spectacular secondary theater as well as additional venues for our performances. The icing on the cake was our ability to transform the main dining room into a great music venue allowing for cabaret style seating, perfect for late-night shows.

From the start, guests agreed overwhelmingly with that judgment. They loved the venues. No one was “shutout” of a show and seats were plentiful, but there were issues as to other accommodations, mainly the staterooms. We asked you to be patient and trust us that the stateroom issues would be addressed. Well, the wait is over. The process was called Revolution, and the ship assigned to our sailings will have undergone the complete makeover of every stateroom as well as many public areas. Best of all, the capacities and quality of our performance venues were not reduced in any way.

Great venues, modernized staterooms, beautiful included and specialty dining, Canyon Ranch Spa and quiet places to share special moments. Yes, we believe that we have found the perfect ship for our jazz programs. Our music and programs were always top notch. Now, we have the ship to complement our programs.


Check out the wonderful renovations to the Ocean View Café and the main dining room as well. And, most importantly, be pleased that, though the music venues have been upgraded, in all respects the integrity of those venues has remained untouched. Great music venues and brand new staterooms… That works!